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      • Rokee Based on China and facing the world, More than 20 years for customers to provide more than one million sets of various technical standards of excellent quality coupling products, service to the high-end market demand.

      • Due to excellent quality, complete technical services and superior cost performance, Rokee couplings have been serving more than 60 countries and regions in the world, effectively operating in many corners of the world.

      • With our rich experience and technical reserve, We can design and produce most of the coupling products with different standards and different use requirements, no matter they are large or small as beads.

      • In addition to providing couplings for ordinary industries, Rokee also provides many high-end industrial fields, such as nuclear power generation, steam turbine, wind power generation, high-speed railway, Marine engineering ships, ropeway construction, etc., providing high performance and high technology content couplings and establishing many technical standards that it is proud of.

      • Tell Rokee what you need, Our professional engineers will respond immediately and work with you to select and calculate more suitable coupling products to better realize your shafting drive idea.

      • Transfer of motivation to achieve you and me, We hold the belief that there is no future without quality, and insist on doing our best to use quality to carry our common future with you.

      Rokee —— A well-known high-quality supplier of coupling products and technical services

      National Standard Couplings

      Rokee can provide you with almost all of the national standard couplings. Our years of technological accumulation and progress ensure that we can better comply with the technical requirements of national standards, design and manufacture common standard products to meet customer expectations and specifications. Also, our abundant technology reserves ensure that your selection and procurement requirements of couplings, whether rigid, flexible, safe, large or small, are met immediately within most national standards.

      Rokee Standard Couplings

      After years of technology accumulation, Rokee not only provides national standard couplings, but our corporate standard products are a better interpretation and proof of our technological priority and superior quality. We constantly optimize and update our products, and constantly revise the technical standards in practice. The technological innovations and creations based on practical use make Rokee's corporate standard couplings more prioritized in terms of structure, performance, life and cost performance.

      If you are a technical development engineer or want to know more about our products, please contact us. Our engineers and technical service personnel will carefully handle every communication with you, and work together to make your equipment have a better operation and transmission system!

      Precision Servo Couplings

      The coupling is a small but extremely important part in modern servo drive systems. It needs to be extremely accurate and responsive, and transmit the torque, speed and position control signals output by the drive device to achieve as little delay and error as possible. The zero-backlash plum-shaped flexible coupling, metal diaphragm coupling, bellows coupling and other precision servo couplings developed by Rokee are our powerful products in the market. Besides, if you are confused or inconvenient when choosing to use products from Germany, Japan or other companies, we can quickly provide you with more constructive technical alternatives and the same high-quality products to meet your business needs.

      Non-standard Custom Couplings

      Rokee is not only a supplier of couplings, but also a technical designer of transmission system to participate in the overall technical system construction of customers. With our professional knowledge of shafting transmission, we can provide customers with more reliable and cost-effective solutions. For decades, our Technical Department has maintained careful and close communication with our customers and provided customers with draft layouts, drawings, samples, computer modeling and final design results, becoming a trusted supplier to our customers with constantly improving technology and a spirit of sharing.

      Wind Power Couplings

      The wind power couplings designed and built by Rokee have withstood the test of weather and time in the vast field of wind power construction in China and around the world. Our wind power couplings are gaining more and more market share with superior cost performance and reliable quality. The coupling is connected with the step-up gearbox and the generator set and installed together on an elastic support at high altitude. Long-term work will cause displacement change of the transmission dimensional chain. Therefore, in addition to transmission and control of safe torque, wind power coupling has a high requirement for position compensation performance.

      Turbine Couplings

      Turbine coupling is a specialized product developed by Rokee for matching couplings of steam turbine units. It has been serialized and adapted to steam turbine units of different powers and speeds. After years of verification, the product quality is reliable, meets the operation environment requirements of turbine units and has long service life.

      The operating environment of the turbine coupling is sometimes very harsh, especially the high temperature and humidity environment and high speed requirements have special manufacturing process requirements for couplings. Besides, the coupling structure cannot be sealed and can only be lubricated openly, thus requiring more special design. Rokee cleverly solved all the problems of structure and manufacturing process, becoming the only professional company in the Chinese market that can produce better substitutes for imported products. Furthermore, through R&D of such type of products, we have mastered the core development index and technology of high-performance drum gear coupling, to allow Rokee's gear coupling technology to stand out further.


      Rokee has been established in China for more than 22 years. Since our establishment, we have been working consistently to implement our business philosophy of innovation and service to serve many partners in China and around the world. With strong pursuit for quality and innovation, we have developed rapidly and become a well-known high-quality supplier of couplings and technical services in China.

      Over the years, with excellent quality, we have been continuously providing many coupling products of various categories and uses complying with multiple standards and a full range of services, from the product selection to final installation and operation, for the industry fields of ferrous metallurgy, nuclear power, gas turbine, wind power, ropeway construction, lifting transportation, general equipment, etc. We strictly comply with quality system requirements and implement the whole process control to become a reliable and trustworthy partner of customers.

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